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Benthic Data Sets

ProjectMap LinkWater Depth (m)Project SupportDatesMetadataSample Area (m2)Screen Size (mm)Research Partner(s)
Elkhorn SloughIntertidal Map
Subtidal Map
Intertidal - 10SIMoN2003 - 2007Sample Log0.00780.5R. Kvitek
Northern CA ShelfWEMAP Station Map20 - 120EPA - WEMAP2003Sample Log0.10.5MPSL-MLML
Monterey Bay Area Shelf and SlopeMCI Station Map10 - 2000MCI1999Sample Log0.10.5G. Greene
Monterey Bay 80 m SurveyStation Map80CCLEAN2001 - 2006Sample Log0.10.5J. Word
Central CA Outer Shelf and SlopeStation Map80 - 950NOAA2004 - 2005Sample Log0.10.5I. Hartwell
Elkhorn Slough Peripheral WetlandsStation MapIntertidal - 6SIMoN2007 - 2008Sample Log0.00780.5K. Wasson
Moss Landing Sandy BeachStation MapIntertidalSIMoN2003 - 2005Sample Log0.251.0 - 1.5
Moss Landing Surf ZoneStation Map1 - 4SIMoN2003 - 2005Sample Log0.0180.5
Moss Landing Sandflat Resampling - El Veijo cycle6 - 24CCR1997 - 19980.0180.5
Monterey Canyon50 - 450Moss Landing Harbor District0.10.5Sea Engineering, Inc.
San Francisco Bay MouthIntertidal - 10San Francisco Airport0.10.5
Northern CA Rivermouths and Bays0.25 - 10EPA - WEMAP1.0
Central CA Rivermouths0.25 - 2RWQCB0.0180.5
Marina Sewage Outfall20 - 30 MRWPCA0.0180.5
Bolinas Lagoon - Caltrans LonetreeIntertidalCaltrans0.5
Stinson Beach and Lonetree Landslide5 - 20Caltrans0.0180.5
Big Sur and McWay Landslide10 - 30Caltrans0.0180.5
Southern CA Bays and RivermouthsEPA - WEMAP0.5
San Diego Bay0.5
LA Harbor0.5
Hawaiian Watershed Sediment Impacts to Coral Reefs and Benthos10 - 30CCR0.5R. Kvitek
Rodeo Lagoon, San Francisco BayUNOCAL0.5G. Robilliard
Castro Cove, San Francisco BayChevron0.5G. Robilliard

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